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Relational Frame Theory and the Movement & Rehabilitation Professional

“Learn it in one, derive it in two, put it in networks, change what you do” – Steven Hayes summarizing 30 years of his work related to Relational Frame Theory.   ***Please note new content was added at end of post as of 4/15/2020 Inherently, Relational Frame Theory (RFT) is an extremely complex theory to […]

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Guest Post – Ben Geierman PSMMT Review and Clinic Observations

We were honored to have Ben Geierman (@medicinal_movement_rx) attend our PSMMT November course and also spend a day observing the application of the course materials in our clinic at Dynamic Movement and Recovery. Ben has taken a number of courses over the years and has really good insight into the global picture of the Biopsychosocial […]

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A plea to everyone who works as a Movement Professional

There is an epidemic of movement professionals emphasizing outcomes without understanding “why” they are seeing the things they are seeing in human movement. Whether a rehabilitation profession, a strength and conditioning coach, or personal trainer, just because something changes, doesn’t mean that it had anything to do with the specifics of what you did, there […]

Tales from the Coal Mine – Technical art

Your client is here. You, at a normal pace, hurry to greet them but quickly slow in approach as you watch them rise from their seat with the movement quality of someone 50 years their senior. The slow rise finishes with qualities of an old machine attempting to shift into a locked position as they […]


Triggers of Acute LBP

Often as a culture, we have associated lifting heavy things and being in awkward positions as triggers of acute LBP. While these are important factors, the risk of them causing an initial episode of acute LBP is SIGNIFICANTLY increased when combined with psychosocial factors: “transient exposure to stress and fatigue triples the odds of developing […]