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Topic: An Introduction to the Human Rehabilitation Framework™: A Process-Based Approach

Description: The Human Rehabilitation Framework (HRF)™ is a biopsychosocial process-based framework for helping clinicians work with individuals struggling with movement and pain problems. It is designed to assist movement and physical rehabilitation professionals to engage in evidence-based psychological informed practice and to fully embrace the biopsychosocial model. It incorporates both identification and engagement of empirically researched processes associated with psychosocial flexibility and a prognostic ladder based on relative psychological flexibility for developing clinical decision-making skills. This prognostic ladder is designed to be expanded to other biopsychosocial flexibility processes with future advances in research on these processes. The HRF™ has an appreciation for the qualitative representation of motor behavior (with emphasis on movement variability) and load capacity to comprehensively address the needs of movement and pain in physical rehabilitation. This Masterclass Event will be an introduction to a longer overview course that is outlined in our Certification Program.

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